Time Management, Study Skills, Organization and Budgeting

Struggling to meet deadlines or sticking to a budget? Having trouble with procrastination? Looking for strategies to be more successful at school? We will explore the causes of these issues and then work with you to overcome them so that you can be proactive, efficient and productive.

We are partners in this process. My role is to meet you where you are, accompany you, bear witness to your experiences, and reflect and collaborate on the path you wish to follow. Our space together will be safe, relational, and authentic, so that we can delve deeply into your self-discovery. 


You possess inherent strength. I believe that all clients are experts in their own lives and it is my job to help discover your inherent capacity for healing and growth. Let’s find what is the most meaningful to you and find ways for you to embody that today. 

Attention: Transform your life by getting real help from a licensed psychotherapist
Interest: As psychotherapists, we specialize in helping you move beyond depression & anxiety to find the freedom and Joy you deserve.
Desire: We have extensive experience helping people just like you conquer depression, anxiety, grief, stress, addictions and relationship issues.
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